Uhaul Roadside Assistance Complete Details


As you might already know, U-Haul is a company that offers moving & storage resources. You can rent trucks, trailers, containers, packing supplies and storage solutions from U-Haul. When renting a vehicle from U-Haul, you get complimentary roadside assistance so that you never find yourself stranded on the road. The priority of U-Haul roadside assistance is to ensure that you reach your home safely; to do this, U-Haul has a fleet of drivers & support vehicles on the road 24×7. If you have rented out a U-Haul vehicle or are planning to rent out a U-Haul vehicle, then better bookmark this page for support.

Uhaul Roadside Assistance

More On U-Haul Assistance

The U-Haul roadside assistance is available to you if you have any truck, equipment or trailer from this rental company. The roadside assistance will be able to support you with any non-life-threatening accident, electrical issue, mechanical issue or breakdown. U-Haul roadside assistance is very prompt with their response, and they will also help you reach a safe place at the earliest. The U-Haul roadside assistance offers support with tire issues, mechanical issues, winching the truck out of mud or snow, and key lost or key locked issues. All this might have been explained to you while you were renting the truck.

Please note that in case of a life-threatening accident, you must call emergency services.

Uhaul Roadside Assistance Contact number

The contact number for the U-Haul roadside assistance should be available on the windscreen sticker of the truck. If you cannot locate it, dial 1 800 468 4285. The number will connect you to roadside assistance, and you can explain their problem. In most cases, the U-Haul roadside assistance will be able to track your location and dispatch your support within 30 minutes. You can also request support through their web form, and the link to the form is www.uhaul.com/RoadsideAssistance.