Subaru Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Just like other manufacturers, Subaru also provides roadside assistance on their cars. This is usually the industry’s norm, and the manufacturers provide roadside assistance during the coverage years. Subaru started providing roadside assistance in the year 2000, and it is automatically enabled as soon as your purchase the car. The Subaru roadside assistance is applicable for the first three years from the registration date or for 36,000 miles (whatever comes early). This page is for you if you have a Subaru or plan to buy a Subaru. This page has documented all the critical information about Subaru roadside assistance.

Subaru Roadside Assistance

More Information on Subaru assistance

If you are using Subaru roadside assistance, you will get all the generalized services you will get with other service providers. We have shared a list of these services in the pointers below.

  • Towing the Subaru Vehicle to the nearest dealership if the vehicle can’t be driven safely.
  • Gasoline delivery if you are out of the fuel
  • Jump starting the vehicle is the car battery is dead.
  • Changing the flat tire if you have a spare available.
  • Phone Number to the Subaru Retailers across the country.
  • Emergency lockout services for lost keys or locked keys.

In general, Subaru roadside assistance would exclude any claim arising from an accident, acts of God, vandalism, violation of laws or vehicle modifications that the manufacturer did not recommend. Please note that the vehicle needs to be towed to the nearest dealership in case of an accident.

Subaru Roadside Assistance Contact Number

1 800 261 2155 is the toll-free number for Subaru roadside assistance. You can call them in case of an emergency, and they will support your needs. You can extend your Subaru roadside assistance if your coverage is about to expire or has already expired. You can dial the same number for support. The official website for Subaru roadside assistance is