Farmers Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Farmers Insurance is a well-known insurance service provider in the country. If you already have Farmers Insurance insurance, you can get their roadside assistance at a discounted price. You can still get roadside assistance from Farmers insurance even if you have car insurance from any other service provider. You can check out Farmers roadside assistance if you are mainly looking for basic roadside assistance. Check out more information about the same in the sections below.

Farmers Roadside Assistance

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Sometimes, your roadside assistance may show you a higher than expected ETA. Farmers roadside assistance offers the best flexibility in this case. You can call any roadside assistance in case of an issue and get help. Once that is done, you can send in your claims to Farmers roadside assistance, and they will reimburse you as per your policy.

Apart from this, you can also check out the coverage under Farmers roadside assistance. The policy provides you with emergency tow services and covers an expense of up to $150. You also get dead battery/jump start services, flat tire change and lockout entry assistance. The lockout entry assistance is only available if your keys are locked inside the car. Apart from this, you can also request roadside winching if your vehicle is stuck in mud, ice, snow or anywhere else. The only condition here is that your car should be within 10 feet of the paved road.

Farmers Roadside Assistance Phone Number

The helpdesk number for the Farmers roadside assistance is 1 800 435 7764. You can call them 24×7 to get support, or you can also request help online. They have a live chat utility that can help you get support for your issues. Apart from this, Farmers roadside assistance has over 20,000 towing & roadside facilities. They also have over 10,000 locksmiths working with them. So, the dispatch usually comes quickly. The official website for Farmers roadside assistance is –