BCAA Roadside Assistance Complete Details


BCAA stands for British Columbia Automobile Association and is one of the best Automobile Association in the country. With the membership to BCAA, you can get multiple benefits like best-in-class insurance, discount vouchers, roadside assistance, car share services and many more. The exciting part about the BCAA is the roadside assistance services; today, we will talk mainly about that. With the membership to roadside assistance, you get the benefits of roadside assistance, and you can check out more information about the same in the sections below.

BCAA Roadside Assistance

More Information on BCAA Assistance

There are three membership plans available under BCAA roadside assistance. It starts at $80 annually, and the second plan is priced at $115 annually. The third plan is priced at $145. You can opt for the Basic plan if your towing distance would usually be less than 5 Kms. However, the most popular plan under BCAA roadside assistance is the Plus plan, which gives you a towing distance of up to 160 Kms. The towing distance doubles with the Premier membership. You can compare these plans by visiting their official website. There are times when you might need immediate roadside assistance. In such a case, they have an add-on plan where you pay $50 to bypass the 48 hours waiting period.

BCAA Roadside Assistance Contact Number

If you need to use your BCAA roadside assistance benefits, there are three ways to get help. The easiest way is to call them at *222. If you are in British Columbia, you can dial 1 888 268 2222. In the rest of North America, you can dial 1 800 222 4357. You may also request roadside assistance using their web support. Lastly, you can download the BCAA mobile application for instant support. When seeking help, you will need the BCAA membership number, photo ID, current location and home postal address. The official website for BCAA roadside assistance is – https://www.bcaa.com/.