Volkswagen Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Volkswagen is a German brand with a very high market penetration across the globe. The cars from Volkswagen are known for their build quality, engines and DSG transmission. No matter how reliable the brand is, you may still face an issue at any time during the vehicle lifecycle. To deal with an emergency during the warranty period, you have coverage from roadside assistance. Like other brands, Volkswagen also provides roadside assistance on their new vehicles, which can help you deal with any emergency. If you have a Volkswagen vehicle, then this page is for you. Go ahead and check out all the details about Volkswagen roadside assistance.

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

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When you call Volkswagen roadside assistance, you get support only from the authorized dealer. This helps you get a good troubleshooting experience and genuine replacement parts. Volkswagen roadside assistance is free during the eligibility period, and to be eligible, your car should be less than three years old or driven less than 36,000 miles. You must contact the dealer if you need to extend your Volkswagen roadside assistance.

As a part of Volkswagen roadside assistance, you get access to towing services, battery jump-start, collision support, flat tire services, fuel delivery services, lockout services and trip interruption services. Volkswagen roadside assistance also has additional support for their electric vehicle e-Gold. So, if you have their electric vehicle, then you will be able to deal with that as well.

Volkswagen roadside assistance Phone Number

The contact number for Volkswagen roadside assistance is 800.411.6688. You can reach out to them 24×7, and they will dispatch the support for you. You can also log the ticket online by visiting their official website at – Click Here. Lastly, the official website for Volkswagen roadside assistance is The Volkswagen roadside assistance is very proactive, and they will help you in the time of crisis.