Costco Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Costco is a chain of retail stores, and it is famous for offering great discounts on products & services. As a retail brand, Costco offers its users many services, and roadside assistance is one of them. It is very uncommon for a retail brand to provide roadside assistance, but you have such offerings from Costco. The reason why many people explore the options for Costco roadside assistance is that it is very affordable, and it can prove to be very handy during emergencies. For more information about Costco roadside assistance, check out the details below.

Costco Roadside Assistance

More Information 

There are mainly six inclusions in the Costco Roadside Assistance. You can avail of any of these services with a restriction of four calls up to the year. It might not suit your needs if you think you need more calls. In the pointers below, we have listed the coverage details of Costco Roadside Assistance.

  • With Costco Roadside Assistance, you get towing services for mechanical failures for up to 100 km. If the travel distance is further, the client must pay the extra charges.
  • Costco Roadside Assistance also includes a battery jump-start, which can help when you are stuck on the road.
  • The roadside assistance also includes tire change services when you have a spare tire. Without a spare tire, the car will be towed.
  • The gas delivery services are also a part of Costco Roadside Assistance.
  • Costco Roadside Assistance includes the services of a locksmith.
  • You also get winching services under the standard pack.

Costco Roadside Assistance Contact Number

Costco roadside assistance is reachable at 1 877 845 4179. You can also use other brand services for roadside assistance, and Costco will reimburse you the cost. If you plan to use any other brand for roadside assistance, you need to dial the above-stated number and seek pre-authorization. If you use any other roadside assistance without the pre-authorization, then the refund will be limited to $50 based on the company’s discretion. If you want the detailed terms and conditions for the Costco roadside assistance, then you can visit –

How to buy Costco roadside assistance ?

1. Apply for service online.
2. Call them directly 1 877 845 4179 .
3. Use the Costco mobile app.