Mazda Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Mazda is a popular automobile brand in the United States. It has many SUVs, but the most popular cars from Mazda are the Miata Roadsters. Currently, two variants of Miata are available in the line-up. There is one with a soft-top roof and one with a hard-top roof. Both are fun to drive, and many more vehicles are under Mazda. Irrespective of what you buy, you are entitled to free roadside assistance for your Mazda cars. Today, we will share more information about Mazda roadside assistance, and you can now scroll down to check those details.

Mazda Roadside Assistance

More Information on Mazda assistance

As mentioned earlier, Mazda roadside assistance is free of cost during the coverage period. The coverage period is the warranty period, for three years or 36000 miles, whatever comes early. You can reach out to Mazda roadside assistance for free support during this period. After the coverage period, each call will be chargeable. The services included in roadside assistance are gas delivery, jump start, lock-out assistance and flat tire assistance. If you want to extend your coverage, you need to call 1 866 370 4507. For the towing needs or in case of an accident, your roadside assistance agent will guide you and help you get the car to the nearest workshop.

Mazda Roadside Assistance Contact Number

Mazda roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day across the week in Canada & United States. If you need support from Mazda roadside assistance, you can dial 1 800 866 1998. In addition, you can also get support using MyMazda App. The application is available on iPhones & Android devices. If you wish to check out the official website for Mazda roadside assistance, then you can visit Lastly, your dealer can also help you with information about roadside assistance.