Lincoln Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Lincoln present sells four vehicles in the country. This includes Navigator, Nautilus, Aviator and Corsair. If you own a Lincoln, you can get the Lincoln roadside assistance advantages at no additional cost. This is a part of your standard coverage, and we recommend reaching out to Lincoln in any emergency since they can take care of your vehicle in the best possible way. Today, we will share more information about Lincoln roadside assistance so that you can save these details and keep them handy in an emergency.

Lincoln Roadside Assistance

More Information

Any Lincoln vehicle purchased after 2013 is eligible for 24×7 Lincoln roadside assistance. This applies to cars in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The best part about the Lincoln roadside assistance is that it is available for the rest of the vehicle’s life. If you purchased a pre-owned Lincoln, you have a lifetime coverage if, at the time of purchase, the car is within six years of the 70,000 miles mark. As a part of Lincoln roadside assistance, you get the following services.

  • Towing service within 100 miles
  • Jump starting the vehicle
  • Flat tire change services
  • Fuel delivery for up to 2 gallons
  • Lockout services if you left the key inside the car
  • Winching services

Lincoln Roadside Assistance Phone Number

There are mainly two ways to reach out to Lincoln roadside assistance. The first method is through Lincoln Way App. You can log on to the application and request support. The second method to get help is by calling their 24×7 helpline. The contact number is 1 800 521 4140. This contact number is for non-emergency needs; however, if there is an emergency, you need to call 911. While contacting Lincoln roadside assistance, you would need to share your current location, vehicle identification number, make & model and vehicle colour. The official website for Lincoln roadside assistance is Click Here. In case if you are looking for alternatives you can try Tesla Roadside Assistance .