National General Roadside Assistance Complete Details


National General is an insurance service provider for auto, homes and health insurance. If you enrol under the auto insurance from National General, you also get access to National General Motor Club. As a part of this membership, you get access to National General roadside assistance. The coverage can be added to your existing insurance plan, or it can be purchased separately. Please check out the pointers below if you need more information about National General roadside assistance.

National General Roadside Assistance

More Information 

When you get National General roadside assistance, you get a lot of advantages. It is also among the few roadside assistance that offers emergency expense reimbursement. Enrolled members can benefit from this roadside assistance no matter their driving car. To help you understand more about National General roadside assistance, we have shared all the coverage pointers below.

  • 24×7 roadside assistance
  • Towing services without mileage or dollar limit
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Minor repair services
  • Lockout services
  • Tire change services
  • Winching services
  • Access to free maps and online trip planning material
  • Expense reimbursement for a trip interruption for up to $750. This allowance can be used for meals, lodging or alternative transport. It is applicable for accidents as well as breakdowns.

National General Roadside Assistance Phone Number

National General roadside assistance is available across the country, and if you need help, please dial 1 800 325 1190. When you call the National General roadside assistance, please provide them with the details of your insurance, vehicle, location and the issue you are facing. Depending on the magnitude of the issue, they will be able to dispatch support, or they will be able to guide you to safety. Roadside assistance is available across the United States & Canada. If you plan to travel to Mexico in your car, you would need specific insurance protection, so you need to notify National General. The official website for National General roadside assistance is –