Tesla Roadside Assistance Complete Details


If you own a Tesla, we are sure you would not be satisfied with other third-party roadside assistance. In such a case, it is always better to rely on Tesla roadside assistance because of their availability, tools and access to the software. If you have a Tesla or plan to buy a Tesla, this page is for you. On this page, we have shared some information about Tesla roadside assistance so that you know how to get help and what to expect when the support vehicle arrives.

Tesla Roadside Assistance

Service Covered

Tesla is known for doing things differently. You can check out what is covered under Tesla roadside assistance in the pointers below.

  • You get coverage in case of breakdowns, and Tesla roadside assistance will transport your vehicle to the nearest service centre if they are within a range of 500 miles.
  • You get flat tire coverage up to 50 miles from the nearest support vehicle.
  • If your car is locked and you are facing issues while unlocking, the service technician can create an opening between the door and the car frame to manually open the door.
  • If your battery is drained, then Tesla roadside assistance will help you charge the vehicle so that you can reach the nearest charging point.
  • Tesla roadside assistance also supports in case of collisions or any other issues.

Tesla Roadside Assistance Contact Number

There are two ways to get support. The first method is through the mobile app. You can go to the bottom of the Tesla Home screen and select Roadside. You will have to choose the issue that your car is experiencing. Once that is done, you will be asked to confirm more information. In the third step, click on Request Help. If you want to call Tesla roadside assistance, you can find your local numbers on this link. Lastly, the support page for Tesla roadside assistance is – https://www.tesla.com/support/roadside-assistance.