Jeep Roadside Assistance Complete Details


It is often said that Jeep cars are built like a tank, and they also have some great 4x4s. In India, the jeep gained a lot of popularity with just three models. Presently, Jeep India sells Compass, Meridian & Wrangler to Indian customers. It also offers service packages and an extended warranty to the buyers. If you are stuck in an emergency, you can also reach out to Jeep roadside assistance. The roadside assistance is provided at a nominal cost, and in this article, we have shared the features along with other details.

Jeep Roadside Assistance

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Jeep roadside assistance is valid for three years and unlimited kilometers. The coverage is available 24×7, and Jeep roadside assistance is also very proactive. If you want to extend the coverage beyond three years, you can talk to the dealership, and your job will be done.

Below is the coverage included with your Jeep roadside assistance.

  • Towing assistance for a breakdown of an accident with a limit of 200 Kms.
  • Onsite repair for minor issues
  • Battery replacement or jump start
  • Tyre replacement in case of spare tyre availability
  • Locked key, broken key or lost key support
  • Fuel delivery of up to 5L
  • The hotel stays for one night if the distance from home is higher.
  • Taxi arrangement for up to 50 Km.
  • Transit liability insurance coverage when the vehicle is being towed.

Contacting Support

Jeep roadside assistance is contracted through MOPAR, and you can reach out to them for any queries at 1800 266 5337. If in case you need roadside assistance, please dial 1800 102 5337. These numbers are available 24×7. You can call them and share your vehicle registration number, VIN, location details and information about the issue. Depending on the severity of the issue, the support vehicle will be dispatched. If you need more information about Jeep roadside assistance, please Visit Website.