GM Roadside Assistance Complete Details


GM is also known as General Motors, and the automobile brand under GM is Chevrolet. The brand is popular across the United States, and they have some fantastic cars on offer. We always believe in staying prepared for emergencies. The emergencies include minor ones like a flat tyre or significant incidents like a vehicle breakdown or an accident. To be prepared to deal with emergencies, you can use your GM Roadside Assistance. We have listed more information about GM Roadside Assistance in the section below.

GM Roadside Assistance

More Information on GM Roadside Assistance

GM Roadside Assistance is offered during the vehicle warranty coverage. GM provides a 5-year or a 100,000 miles warranty on any vehicle sold after 2008. If you need to extend your GM Roadside Assistance, you would need to reach out to the dealer. Below are the coverage details of the GM Roadside Assistance.

  • 24×7 support with the toll-free number
  • Towing services for towing the car to the nearest Chevrolet Dealer
  • Flat tire change in case of spare availability
  • Battery jump start
  • Minor repairs on the road
  • Vehicle unlock services
  • Emergency fuel delivery for up to $5.0 in case you run out of fuel.

These are some essential services you get with GM Roadside Assistance. These are enough to cover you up during an emergency.

Contacting Support

Please call 1 800 243 8872 if you need support from GM Roadside Assistance. You can also request support from the mobile application if you have an active OnStar Plan. Moreover, some vehicles have an OnStar Button on the car or the infotainment. You can press that button, and you will get the call from the support vehicle. Lastly, if you want to activate your OnStar plan, you can dial 1 800 243 8872. The official website for GM Roadside Assistance is –