Land Rover Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Land Rovers are some of the most impressive cars available in the market. They have an excellent design, and they also have exceptional off-roading capabilities. Land Rover has its roots in Britain, and the brand is proud of the build quality that it offers to its clients. If you have a Land Rover, then this page is for you. On this page, we have listed some basic information about Land Rover roadside assistance. Please scroll down to check out the details that we have for you.

Land Rover Roadside Assistance

More Information on Land Rover Roadside Assistance

Most of the brands provide roadside assistance for three years of 36,000 miles. Land Rover roadside assistance is different as they provide support for four years or 50,000 miles. This shows you the confidence that Land Rover has in its quality control and reliability. You get this support free when you buy the vehicle. In addition, you also get a six-year, unlimited miles warranty on corrosion, emission and perforation. During the vehicle purchase, Land Rover would have offered you a car passport that has all the information about Land Rover roadside assistance.

Land Rover roadside assistance comes with support for fuel delivery, flat tires, battery jump, locksmith support and towing services. The towing services will tow the vehicle to the nearest Land Rover Retailer, where checks or repairs can be performed. Support is also available during roadside incidents. Lastly, Land Rover roadside assistance also covers trip interruption expense benefits wherein the out-of-pocket expenses are covered if your vehicle is more than 50 miles from home.

Contacting Support

To get support from Land Rover roadside assistance, dial 1 800 637 6837. The number is available 24×7, and they can offer you the promised assistance. You need to provide some basic information, which will do the job for you. The official website for Land Rover roadside assistance is –