GIO Roadside Assistance Complete Details


GIO roadside assistance is a premium roadside assistance available throughout Australia. This roadside assistance is also available as an optional coverage with the Platinum & comprehensive Car insurance from GIO. If you are looking for roadside assistance, then you can certainly consider offerings from GIO roadside assistance. They are reliable, quick, and can repair 80% of the car on the road. If you need more information about GIO roadside assistance, then you can check out the sections below, and you will be able to decide if you should buy this roadside assistance or not.

GIO Roadside Assistance

More Information on GIO Roadside Assistance

The cost of GIO roadside assistance is dependent on the state that you live in. In any case, the cost of the GIO roadside assistance would not exceed $95 a year. In the case of insurance, this fee is waived off, and you get 24×7 coverage across Australia. Once you purchase GIO roadside assistance, the coverage will be activated after 24 hours, and you can request support. The benefits that are included under GIO roadside assistance are –

  • Towing assistance across Australia for free if the repair centre is less than 20 Kms away.
  • Replacement key for up to $250.
  • Jumpstart the battery or replace a dead battery.
  • Free delivery of emergency fuel up to $10.
  • 24×7 roadside assistance in case of any other electrical or mechanical fault.
  • Flat tyre change in case of spare tyre availability.

Getting Support

If your vehicle is broken down and you need support from GIO roadside assistance, then you need to call 1800 386 398. You can also download their mobile application and request support using GIO mobile application. They offer support using the application, which also helps find your exact location. The coverage also includes a caravan or trailer if your car breaks down while towing the trailer or caravan.