Esurance Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Nothing is worse than being stranded on the road because of an issue with a car. Recovering the vehicle will cost you time & money. If you have reliable roadside assistance, you can cut down on time and the cost that you would wait for the recovery. So, it becomes mandatory for you to have roadside assistance for your vehicle. If you have a new car, it will most likely be covered under the manufacturer’s coverage. If the manufacturer coverage is expired, you can consider third-party options like the one from Esurance. You can check out more information about Esurance roadside assistance below.

More Information on Esurance Roadside Assistance

Esurance Roadside assistance is available in all 50 states and can cost as low as $12. If you have comprehensive or collision insurance from Esurance, then roadside assistance is included for free. You get access to services like a tow truck, battery jump-start, lockout services, flat tire replacement and fuel, and oil or water delivery. The towing support has a financial restriction of up to $75; you would need to pay if the cost exceeds that limit. If you don’t have a subscription to Esurance roadside assistance, then you can call them and request one-time support for a certain fee.

Getting Support

With the insurance, Esurance roadside assistance proves to be affordable. You end up paying close to $1 for the endorsement, which is an excellent price. If you need to call customer service for Esurance roadside assistance, the number is 1 800 378 7262. The contact number for Esurance roadside assistance is 888 374 6472. You can also check out the official website for Esurance roadside assistance. The link to their website is – Lastly, download their mobile app to stay updated with all the information.