Chevrolet Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Chevrolet is a brand under General Motors and is often referred to as Chevy. The brand has a strong presence in the country, and it has very reliable cars. Chevrolet cars are very well engineered and go through extreme quality tests. Even after all this, you may sometime encounter an issue on the road that could disable you from driving. This issue can be related to an external factor like a collision, flat tire, or you lock your keys inside the vehicle. So, what is the best way to mitigate the risk? The best way to mitigate the risk is to get help from Chevrolet roadside assistance in such cases. We have shared more information on Chevrolet roadside assistance in the sections below.

Chevrolet Roadside Assistance

More Information on Chevrolet Roadside Assistance

Chevrolet is known for offering the longest warranty period on its vehicles. As per the information available, Chevrolet offers coverage of 5 years and less than 100,000 miles on brand new cars. It is also possible to extend the coverage by connecting with your dealer. The total coverage can extend until the 9th year of the vehicle’s life. Apart from this, the coverage offered under Chevrolet roadside assistance are –

  • Battery replacement or jump start
  • Emergency fuel deliver
  • Flat tyre change
  • Lockout services for getting access to the car
  • Minor repair that can be done on the road
  • Nationwide support in case of breakdown or emergencies
  • Towing services

Getting Support

Ideally, you must have an OnStar service active on your new vehicle. You can contact Chevrolet roadside assistance if the OnStar coverage is inactive. The contact number for Chevrolet roadside assistance is 1 800 243 8872. In addition, you can also use the Chevrolet mobile application to get support or roadside assistance. If you need more information about Chevrolet roadside assistance, please visit their official website –