Chrysler Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Chrysler is an automotive brand in the United States and is pretty popular. The brand offers a standard warranty on its car. As a part of the warranty, Chrysler also provides roadside assistance during the coverage period. If you already have a Chrysler or if you plan to buy a Chrysler, then you must check out this page. We have documented the coverage, eligibility criteria and support process for Chrysler. So, check out the pointers below to know more about Chrysler roadside assistance.

Chrysler Roadside Assistance

More Information on Chrysler Roadside Assistance

When you buy a Chrysler, you get a five-year or 60,000 miles coverage if you have a gasoline power terrain. If you have a diesel engine, then your coverage is extended to a total of 100,000 miles. You can also extend the warranty on your car, which will automatically extend the Chrysler roadside assistance. During the coverage, you can get towing service, tire change, lockout protection, fuel delivery, and other essential services. In some cases, you get a Mopar Extended Warranty, get $600 key fob replacement protection and a $1000 trip interruption coverage. You can talk to your Chrysler dealer and learn more about your coverage and the extension options. This service can save you a good amount of money.

Contacting Support

If you are looking for Chrysler roadside assistance in the United States, dial 1 800 521 2779. If you are looking for Chrysler roadside assistance in Canada, the toll-free number is 1 800 363 4869. While you call the Chrysler roadside assistance, please keep some information handy. This includes your VIN, license plate number, vehicle owner’s name and current mileage. You must also brief Chrysler roadside assistance about the issue so that the support can be arranged accordingly. Lastly, the official website for Chrysler roadside assistance is Visit Website.