Volvo Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Volvo is known for designing the world’s safest cars. It is also the company that gave birth to the three-point seat belt, and it didn’t file a patent so that other manufacturers could use the three-point seat belt system to enhance the safety of car occupants. With such values, Volvo takes the safety of the people very seriously. In such a case, whenever you buy a new or a pre-owned certified Volvo, you get covered by the Volvo roadside assistance. Today, we will share some essential information about Volvo roadside assistance so that you can also leverage its benefits.

Volvo Roadside Assistance

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Volvo provides free roadside assistance during the warranty period. You can extend it further after the warranty period ends. In addition to the Volvo roadside assistance, you also get Tow for Life services. This service makes you eligible for towing support even after your warranty has expired. If your vehicle has been disabled, then Volvo will tow your vehicle to the nearest service centre provided; it is within a 50 Km radius. You don’t have to register for the service but call the support numbers that we have listed in the section below. Volvo roadside assistance also includes boost services, vehicle lock-out services, fuel delivery and spare tire services. You also get trip interruption benefits if your vehicle is more than 80 km away from your home. The reimbursement in such a case is restricted to $1000.

Volvo Roadside Assistance Phone Number

If you have doubts regarding Volvo roadside assistance or need support from them, please call 1-800-263-0475. You get support 24×7, and the agents are proficient in understanding your issues & dispatching help. You can also press the SOS or On-Call buttons in your vehicle to get support. In addition, the official website for Volvo roadside assistance is