VW Roadside Assistance Complete Details


VW, also known as Volkswagen, is the same European company that owns Volkswagen motors, Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley and even Ducati. It is easily one of the largest automotive brands in the world, with some very influential brands under its coverage. If you own a VW vehicle, you would understand why their cars are referred to as enthusiasts’ cars. In addition, their performance-oriented GTI vehicles can give you an adrenaline rush at any time of the day. If you have a VW vehicle, this page is for you as we have shared some important information about VW roadside assistance. Go ahead and check out all the information about VW roadside assistance.

VW Roadside Assistance

More Information About VW assistance

VW roadside assistance covers most things, and they ensure that they only provide support through VW authorized dealers. The service is available at no additional cost, so if you have an eligible vehicle, you won’t have to pay anything for roadside assistance. The eligibility criteria for the free roadside assistance is that your car should be less than three years old or it should have been driven less than 36,000 miles.

The coverage of the VW roadside assistance includes towing services, collision support, battery jump-start, flat tire services, lockout services, fuel delivery services, trip interruption benefits and a few other benefits. Moreover, if you own an e-Golf, you get roadside assistance specialized in supporting the EV. Please note that if you are involved in an accident, your vehicle will be taken to VW Certified Collision Repair Facilities.

VW Roadside Assistance Contact Number

If you want help from VW roadside assistance, you can call 800.411.6688. In addition, you can also get online service by visiting vw.rsahelp.com. That is the official website for support in an emergency or a road incident. You can find out more information about VW roadside assistance by visiting Website.