AA Roadside Assistance Complete Details


    If you are looking for roadside assistance in the UK, you can consider AA Roadside Assistance. AA is known for its exceptional customer service. In most cases, their support crew will reach the breakdown vehicle in less than 30 minutes. The AA roadside assistance also covers electric & hybrid cars at no extra cost. AA roadside assistance is affordable, and the average price may be less than £6 a month. Check out more information about AA roadside assistance in the sections below.

    AA Roadside Assistance

    Services from AA assistance

    AA roadside assistance comes with different packages and add-on covers. One thing that remains constant among all the packages is their fantastic customer service. You get unlimited call-outs, and you can also get service right at your doorstep. You can adjust the cover to include two or more people if required. Apart from this, vehicle-based covers can help you cover the car no matter who is driving it.

    Under the AA roadside assistance, you can also get an onward travel package where alternative transport and overnight stay at the hotel will be arranged by roadside assistance. You can add parts and garage cover, and under this, AA will also cover the costs up to £ 535. There are many coverage options, and you can get a quote by visiting https://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/uk. The vehicle cover starts at £6 whereas the person cover starts at £8 monthly.

    AA Roadside Assistance Contact Number

    If you are in an emergency and would like to get support, you can dial 0800 88 77 66. The service provider will get the information from you and dispatch AA roadside assistance immediately. You can also report the problem online by visiting https://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/broken-down. You will be able to track your request, and you will also get updates about the breakdown services and support team.