Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Just like cars, Semi-trucks are also prone to breakdown. This can have a negative impact on your business. A broken-down vehicle would mean late delivery to the customer, leading to dissatisfaction and critical review. It can even lead to financial loss in the form of penalties. So, to manage their risk in a better way, most companies buy semi-truck roadside assistance. Roadside assistance can help the abandoned trucker in case of emergency, and it can also reduce your downtime. These roadside assistances are also very flexible. You get the benefits of semi-truck roadside assistance no matter which employee is driving your truck.

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance

What does semi-truck roadside assistance include?

Most semi-truck roadside assistance offers a standard package. They would provide covers for the issues commonly faced by the drivers and are also very proficient with what they do. The general offerings under semi-truck roadside assistance are listed below.

  • Breakdown Assistance – The breakdown assistance is a standard package. You can get coverage for minor issues. If the problem is more serious, then you can get help with towing services at an additional cost.
  • Flat Tire Change – Changing tires yourself can be a pain. You can get quick help from semi-truck roadside assistance companies.
  • Jump Starts – If your battery is low and you cannot start your vehicle, then there is nothing to worry about. Call your roadside assistance, and they can quickly help to hit the road again.
  • Lockout Assistance – If you lost your keys or if you locked your keys inside the truck, then the roadside assistance services can also help you with a professional locksmith.
  • Collision Assistance – In case of collision, you can call roadside assistance, and they can provide you with the necessary support.
  • Fuel Delivery – Roadside assistance can also help you with fuel delivery or in cases where the fuel is contaminated.

Contacting semi-truck roadside assistance

There are multiple semi-truck roadside assistance providers in the United States. Encore Protection is one such service provided. A quick google search can reveal a lot of results about the same. So, you can check out the available options and compare their plans & prices before you buy semi-truck roadside assistance.