Discovery Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Discovery Insure is one of the most popular insurance service providers in South Africa. They believe in the concept of positive reinforcement, and hence they provide you rewards & benefits for driving well. If you have taken insurance from Discovery, you get access to the Discovery roadside assistance in the package. The company also provides many benefits like fuel rewards, safety features, impact alerts and excess funder account for good driving. As mentioned earlier, Discovery roadside assistance comes complimentary with the insurance and has many advantages. Find out more about Discovery roadside assistance in the sections below.

Discovery Roadside Assistance

Services Under Discovery assistance

Discovery roadside assistance is one of the most trusted service providers in South Africa. The service provider is known for its customer commitment. The best part about Discovery roadside assistance is that you don’t have to pay annual charges to get the assistance. All these things are included in your package free of cost. So, what all do you get as a part of Discovery roadside assistance? Check out more information below.

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Fuel Delivery in Case of Emergency
  • Towing Services
  • Key lockout Service
  • Flat Tyre Repair
  • Minor Repair Services on Road
  • Flat Battery or Jump Start Services
  • Medical Coordination if Required

Discovery Roadside Assistance Phone Number

Discovery roadside assistance is reachable via mobile number and via the app. If you are stuck in an emergency, you can call 0860 751 751 for help. The number should also be available on the sticker that was given to you by the insurer. The official website for Discovery roadside assistance is The helpline number is reachable 24×7. You can also open the Discovery Insure app and use the support feature on the app to get help. Discovery roadside assistance will arrange towing service for Avis Workshop, and you might also be eligible for Avis Courtesy Services.