RAC Roadside Assistance Complete Guide


RAC is a British automotive service company with its headquarters in West Midland, UK. The RAC is one of the largest roadside assistance providers, with over 2000 patrols. As per the information available, The RAC helps with over 2.8 million breakdowns in a year. The number of RAC customers is close to 8 million, with most being corporate customers. RAC Roadside Assistance ranks highest in the customer satisfaction survey. In addition, there is a wing called RAC Europe which supports the customer travelling to Europe from the UK. Check out more information about RAC Assistance below.

RAC Roadside Assistance

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Benefits of RAC Assistance

RAC Roadside Assistance is considered one of the best in the UK & Europe. We have listed some of the advantages associated with RAC Assistance in the section below.

  • RAC Assistance has the highest customer satisfaction rating.
  • RAC Assistance has home rescue available as a standard with no upgrade.
  • You can call RAC Assistance unlimited times during the coverage.
  • RAC Assistance fixes 80% of the breakdowns in less than 30 minutes.
  • The services are also available for Electric Vehicles, Hybrid vehicles & Motorcycle.
  • You have extra covers to save the cost. This includes a battery replacement, onward travels, tyre replacements, and key replacing, which you can purchase at a nominal price.

Cost Explained

RAC Assistance has two packages available. One of them is in the standard package and the second one is the unlimited package. The standard package costs around £52.25, and the unlimited package costs £77 per year. The difference between the two packages is that the unlimited package has a national recovery added. Apart from this, you also have an option to pay monthly for the services.

RAC Roadside Assistance Contact Number

If you have to contact RAC Assistance, you can call 0330 159 1111. You can also visit their website to purchase the RAC Assistance. The link to their website is – Visit Website. In addition, you get some great deals if you purchase the RAC Roadside Assistance online.

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