Coles Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Coles Roadside Assistance

The primary business of Coles is to provide insurance services to its customers. Along with other types of insurance, Coles also offer car insurance. To help consumers in a better way, like many other insurance service providers, Coles has also added a roadside assistance option in its insurance plans. So, if you are looking for roadside assistance and already have Coles Insurance, then Coles roadside assistance will prove to be much more affordable. You can check out the next section to know more about Coles roadside assistance.

More Information 

There are multiple coverage options available under Coles roadside assistance. You would already get the majority of coverage under bumper-to-bumper insurance. In addition, the coverage of roadside insurance includes the following things –

  • Jumpstart the vehicle if the battery is flat.
  • Batter replacement in case of a faulty battery
  • 24×7 support across Australia
  • Emergency fuel if your tank runs dry
  • Changing the tire if the spare is available
  • Towing a vehicle to the nearest repairs centre if the tire is not serviceable
  • Lockout services, including the delivery of spare key
  • Towing the car within 20 Km in the metro area and 50 Km in other areas
  • Winching the vehicle
  • Providing coordination and vehicle recovery in case of an accident
  • Message relay services
  • Taxi services of up to $50
  • Caravan and trailer services

Coles Roadside Assistance Phone Number

If you need help from Coles roadside assistance, please call 1300 263 374. While calling them, you would need your vehicle details like the policy number, registration number, contact number, location of the vehicle and the problem description. It is also very important to stay with your car until the support arrives. If you have to leave the vehicle for any safety reason, please let the operator know so that you can return on the arrival of the Coles roadside assistance.

You can find more information about Coles roadside assistance at their official website –