Woolworths Roadside Assistance Complete Guide


Woolworths is one of the largest insurance service providers in Australia. The main types of insurance offered by Woolworths include home insurance, landlord insurance, renters insurance, CTP insurance,  pet insurance and car insurance. Along with car insurance, Woolworths also provide add-on services like roadside assistance. If you already have insurance with Woolworths, you will enjoy the benefits of roadside assistance at an affordable price, or else you can buy Woolworths roadside assistance at the annual subscription fee. We have shared all the information about Woolworths assistance on this page.

Woolworths Roadside Assistance

More Information

Woolworths roadside assistance is quite popular across Australia, and it is also affordable. The roadside assistance package starts at less than $99 from this brand. In addition, you get a host of benefits. You can also get roadside assistance benefits at a discounted price if you have insurance directly with Woolworth. The inclusions under Woolworths assistance are –

  • Free towing for up to 20 Km
  • Tire change services if the spare tire is available
  • Battery restart or battery replacement
  • Urgent fuel delivery or fuel replacement in case of wrong fueling
  • Key recovery
  • Minor breakdown repairs on the road.

Woolworths roadside assistance also shared some tips with you so that you can be prepared for dealing with an emergency. The first tip that they shared is to have roadside assistance and a first aid kit inside your cars. You should have some basic tools and consumables. The second tip is to keep a spare key, jump starter kit and a tyre in your car. Lastly, adhere to the maintenance schedule as this reduces the chance of breakdowns.

Woolworths Roadside Assistance Contact Number

The contact number for Woolworths roadside assistance is 1800 225 405. Once you dial this number, select option 4. In the next step, share the car details, description and breakdown location. Lastly, stay with your vehicle until help arrives. The official link to their website is – https://insurance.woolworths.com.au/roadside-assist/emergency.html.