CAA Roadside Assistance Complete Details


CAA has been present for over 115 years and has helped Canadian citizens stay safe. The company offers home & auto insurance. In addition, CAA also provides roadside assistance. Other services from roadside assistance include travel insurance & other travel related services. CAA is also known as the CAA Club Group, and it is a not-for-profit association. At present, there are over 2 million members enrolled under the CAA. Today, we will talk about the roadside assistance services from CAA, and we will share as many details as possible.

CAA Roadside Assistance

More Information About CAA Assistance

CAA roadside assistance is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use roadside assistance in Canada. It has a mobile application which makes it very convenient to find the location of support teams while you are waiting for them. This feature can also help you deal with the anxiety of being stuck. Talking about roadside assistance, CAA offers the following services under the membership.

  • Battery Replacement or Boost
  • Lockout Services from a certified locksmith
  • Delivery of Gas in case of the empty fuel tank
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Extrication services when the vehicle is stuck
  • Towing services between 10 Km to 200 Km depending on membership level.

CAA also understands that people are moving to a greener alternative; hence, it recently launched roadside assistance for Bikes. You can explore all the available options from the brand, and you will love the services.

CAA Roadside Assistance Contact Number

You can request support from CAA in four different ways. All of them are quick & easy to use. The first method to get requests is using the mobile application. If you have already downloaded the iOS or the Android App, you can use the application and request roadside assistance. The second method is to request the services online using this link. The third method is to call 1 800 222 4357 or *222. The last method to get support is by texting “RESCUE” to 222247.