CAA Roadside Assistance Phone Number


CAA is one of Canada’s most popular and oldest service providers. It has been serving the citizens of Canada for more than 115 years. At present, CAA offers insurance solutions to the citizens, and it also offers some the add-on services like roadside assistance and travel services. CAA, alias CAA Club Group is a non-profit organization, so the cost of any service from CAA is very reasonable. Currently, over 2 million members are linked to CAA, and they can benefit from the service. If you would like to get affordable roadside assistance, then you can try a membership of CAA roadside assistance.

CAA Roadside Assistance

More Information

CAA roadside assistance is known to be one of the best service providers in Canada. They are easy to reach, and their massive presence ensures you get support immediately. With time, CAA roadside assistance has modernized its support network; today, they can even provide support for electric vehicles. If you have exhausted the manufacturer’s coverage, then you can get CAA roadside assistance, and it will cover you under the below-mentioned situations.

  • Battery Jump Start or Battery Replacement
  • Lockout Services in case of Keys are locked in the vehicle
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Replacement of Flat Tire if Spare is Available
  • Towing Services up to 200 Kms based on Membership
  • Winching services

CAA Roadside Assistance Number Phone Number

There are four ways to get help from CAA roadside assistance. We have shared all these methods below.

  • You can call CAA roadside assistance on 1 800 222 4357. You can also dial *222 from the registered number.
  • You can use the CAA mobile application and get support by submitting the request on the application.
  • You can SMS “RESCUE” on 222247 and get support.
  • You can use their online utility to get support using the support link.