Uber Roadside Assistance Complete Guide


This might have surprised you, but Uber also offers roadside assistance. This roadside assistance is reserved for Uber Drivers. Uber roadside assistance is rolled out under the name Urgent.ly, and it has gained a lot of popularity among driver-partners. It allows them to hit the road with confidence, and it provides them with support round the clock. Uber assistance is a national service, and there is no fee for using Uber assistance. This is overall a very good initiative taken by Uber, and what makes it different is the quick turnaround time.

Uber Roadside Assistance

At present, there are over 45,000 roadside assistance vehicles available to support the drivers. The team can be connected using a phone number or using the app. In addition, the driver-partners can also check the real-time status of the service vehicle with the help of their app. Urgent.ly has also proved beneficial for the customers. With the help of roadside assistance, the customers can be assured that they will not be stranded. In addition, it has also enabled a high up-time for the cabs, which in turn has resulted in a better cab availability and customer experience.

Uber Roadside Assistance Contact Number 

Uber assistance is available to all the customers with Uber pro Status. If you are an Uber driver and if you have Uber Pro status, then you get free roadside assistance. You can access Urgently from the Uber Driver Partner App, and this will help you get the support. The app is enabled for GPS location tracking, so the support vehicle can track you in case of any issues. The phone number is only available for Uber Drivers, and hence we are not listing it here on the public platform. We hope you got the required information about Uber roadside assistance.