Travelers Insurance Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Travelers Insurance Roadside Assistance

We believe that everyone should enrol for roadside assistance. The cost of roadside assistance is generally very low, but it can save you during emergencies. The roadside assistance dispatch services are equipped with the skills & tools that can get you on the road back again. If you plan to enrol under Travelers Insurance roadside assistance, you are on the right page. On this page, we have covered all the possible information about Travelers Insurance roadside assistance. Before we proceed, please note that if you bundle your car insurance with other policies, you can save as much as 13%.

More Information 

Travelers Insurance roadside assistance covers most of the things, You can reach out to them for something as simple as a flat tire, or you can reach out to them if you ran out of gas. You can also contact them for mechanical problems, collision or lockout services. You will always find Travelers Insurance roadside assistance helping you to be back on the road. The service becomes even more important when travelling with your loved ones. Travelers Insurance roadside assistance has two packages. Depending on the package, you can get your vehicle towed for up to 15 miles or up to 100 miles. Under the premium package, you also get a trip interruption coverage of up to $200 per day with an overall capping of $600. The premium package of Travelers Insurance roadside assistance also covers $500 for personal property stolen or damaged.

Travelers Insurance Roadside Assistance Contact Number

If you need support from Travelers Insurance roadside assistance, please dial 1 800 252 4633 and select option 3. There are two different packages available under Travelers Insurance roadside assistance, and you can check out all the details on their webpage.

You can find more information about Travelers Insurance roadside assistance at their official website –