Toyota Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Toyota cars are known for their reliability. The engines are so reliable that they can easily give you over 300k miles over their lifetime. The maintenance cost is also on the lower side of the Toyota cars. In such a case, they become the number one choice for those who have wanted their vehicle for a long time or those looking for pre-owned options. Even after unmatched reliability, you can find yourself in an emergency because of a vehicle breakdown, flat tyre or any other issue. To manage this risk, you can buy Toyota Roadside Assistance. Check out more details about the same in the sections below.

Toyota Roadside Assistance

Services Included in Toyota Assistance

Toyota offers 2 to 3 years of complimentary roadside assistance, depending on your region. In addition, you can buy Toyota Roadside Assistance for your vehicle for up to 8 years. The coverage comes with nationwide 24×7 support. Since Toyota Roadside Assistance has a dedicated app, reaching out to RSA is straightforward. Please note that the benefits of Toyota Roadside Assistance are activated 48 hours after you have purchased the roadside assistance. Check out the coverage under the Toyota Roadside Assistance in the section below.

  • Dead Battery Replacement or Jump Start
  • Support for Locked Key, Lost Key or Broken Vehicle Key
  • Punctured Tyre, Bolt or Valve Related Issue
  • Help in case of accident or breakdown
  • Vehicle recovery services
  • Roadside repair for minor issues
  • Support for incorrect fuel, out-of-fuel or contaminated fuel
  • Taxi arrangement for up to 50 Kms from the breakdown location.

Toyota Roadside Assistance Contact Number

To reach out to Toyota Roadside Assistance Click Here In addition, you can also download Toyota 24×7 Mobile App from Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. The app works across the world. The official document for Toyota Roadside Assistance is Also You can Call them at 24-HOUR TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 800.444.4195