RACV Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Things can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to automobiles. Your most reliable car can give you trouble on the road. Or, you may end up locking your key inside the vehicle. At worst, you may run out of gas. It is very unpleasant to be stranded on the road, and we are sure you don’t want to be in such a situation either. So, to save yourself from such emergencies, you can get a membership in roadside assistance. In Australia, RACV roadside assistance is one of the most popular choices, and in this article, we have shared more information about the same.

RACV Roadside Assistance

More Information on RACV assistance

RACV roadside assistance offers support 24×7 across Australia, and you get the benefit of unlimited callouts. Apart from this, you also get discount vouchers and an invitation to many deals. Currently, RACV roadside assistance has three packages: Total Care, Extra Care and Roadside Care. The subscription of these packages is between $10.33 & $23 per month. Standard inclusions in the packages are listed below. Please note that the extent of the benefit will vary depending on your package.

  • Member or Vehicle-Based Coverage
  • Metro Towing
  • Regional Towing Services
  • Monetary benefits when you are within 100kms of home
  • Financial benefits when you are over 100kms from home
  • Locksmith services
  • RACV membership
  • Allowance for Minor Parts
  • Free Fuel if you are out of gas
  • Unlimited Service Call
  • Trailer & Caravan assistance
  • Bike Assist
  • Wheelchair & Scooter Assist

RACV Roadside Assistance Contact Number

You can call 13 11 11 from any mobile to get support from RACV roadside assistance. You can share your location details along with the details of the issue. The support vehicle will be dispatched, and you can also track its arrival. Once the technician arrives, he will assess the situation and understand if your car can be fixed or if it should be towed. RACV can fix 90% of the vehicle on the road, so your vehicle will most likely get fixed without having to be towed. The official website of RACV roadside assistance is www.racv.com.au/on-the-road/roadside-assistance.html.