Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Car breakdowns are common, and even a new car can give you trouble. In an emergency, you can call roadside assistance, and they can help you repair the vehicle or deal with the contingency. If you are exploring reliable roadside assistance, then you can try Liberty Mutual roadside assistance.  Various services are offered under this roadside assistance and can also be added to your insurance policy.

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance

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If you have an insurance policy from Liberty Mutual, you can add roadside assistance from the same brand. Please note that you should have towing & labour coverage added to your insurance policy to get the roadside assistance at a discounted price. If you don’t have it added, you can pay extra and get enrolled for roadside assistance.

  • Delivery of Fuel in case of tanks running dry
  • Help in case of an accident or breakdown.
  • Jump start a car with a dead battery
  • Replacement of the flat tire.
  • Towing the vehicle to the certified service centre
  • Unlocking the vehicle door in case of keys are left inside the car

With the combination of coverage & insurance policy, you can get collision insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, Lifetime repair guarantee, liberty mutual deductible funds, new car replacement insurance, better car replacement insurance, rental reimbursement, gap coverage and many more products in your add-on. You can visit the official website and find out more about the offerings.

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Contact Number

If you need to get help from Liberty Mutual roadside assistance, you can call on 1 800 426 9898. They will ask you for your policy details and the issue you are facing. Once that is done, they will immediately dispatch support for you. With a large fleet of support vehicles, the help usually arrives within 30 minutes from the call. If you want a quote, you can also visit their  Official Website.