GMC Roadside Assistance Complete Details


GMC is a brand best known for its trucks & SUVs. The cars are confidence-inspiring, and we Americans love GMC cars. No matter how reliable a car is, emergencies can strike down anytime and leave you stranded on the road. It could be a minor issue like a flat tire, or it can be a major issue like a collision. To help yourself in such cases, you must always have roadside assistance. GMC offers roadside assistance on new vehicles until they are in coverage, and on this page, we have shared more information about GMC roadside assistance. Scroll down and check out the information below.

GMC Roadside Assistance

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As mentioned earlier, GMC is available 24×7, 365 days a week. If you are under coverage, there is no need to pay anything. However, if your coverage expires, you can extend it by paying a fee to your dealer. Per the standard terms & conditions, you get five years’ worth of coverage covering up to 100,000 miles. If your car is older than the 2007 model, the coverage will be available in bumper-to-bumper protection.

You can get towing services from the nearest GMC dealer during the coverage. In addition, you can also get the vehicle to unlock services. GMC roadside assistance can also help you change a flat tire or jump-start your battery. Lastly, GMC delivers fuel to you for up to $5.00 if your fuel tank runs dry. You can also try alternative like Porsche Roadside Assistance .

GMC Roadside Assistance Phone Number

You can get support from GMC roadside assistance by calling them or by pressing the button in your vehicle. The trained advisors are always available to help you. You would need to be on an OnStar plan to be able to get support from the brand. If you don’t have an active OnStar subscription, you can call 800 462 8782. The official website of GMC roadside assistance isĀ  –