Ford Roadside Assistance Complete Details


One of the sturdiest brands in the United States is Ford. It is loved for its build quality and its SUVs. The cars from Ford are built like Tank. No matter how reliable your Ford is, you should get roadside assistance to manage the risk on the road. Some people prefer third-party roadside assistance, while others prefer buying roadside assistance from the manufacturer. Ford owners can contact their dealership and enrol themselves in Ford Roadside Assistance. It is available for electrified & fossil fuel based vehicles. Go ahead and check out more information about Ford Roadside Assistance in the sections below.

Ford Roadside Assistance

More Information

Ford provides complimentary roadside assistance for the first five years of 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. You can check with your dealer on the extension of the Ford Roadside Assistance. As per the coverage, you can get towing, repair, and flatbed services when your car breaks down. In case of minor issues, a Ford technician can repair the vehicle on the road. They can also deliver the fuel for you, and they can arrange a locksmith if you have been locked out of the car. Ford Roadside Assistance also has winching assistance, and they can pull out your vehicle if it is within 100 feet of a road. Apart from all these options, Ford Roadside Assistance can also help you change the spare tire or help you jump-start the vehicle.

Ford Roadside Assistance Contact Number

You can connect with Ford Roadside Assistance in case you need help. The official website for Ford Roadside Assistance is Visit Website where you can find all the information about the membership. In addition, you can also visit if you are stuck in an emergency. The user-friendly interface will help you select the issue and pinpoint your location. Once you initiate the request, a phone icon will appear, and you can use it to call them. Alternatively, you can call 1 800 241 3673 for support.