Ultimate Guide on How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing


You’re ready to add details to your Google My Business listing. Here are some things you’ll want to add: a 750-character description, a picture, and geotags. Also, make sure your alt text is relevant to your product or service. The more information you provide, the more likely Google will find your listing, so why not try these out? Once you’ve added those elements, you’re ready to start getting search traffic and higher SERPs.

750-character description

Your 750-character description for Google My Business can include as few keywords. Keep in mind that Google only shows the first 250 characters, so optimizing your description for readability and SEO is essential. A well-written report can help convert visitors into customers and boost your search engine rankings.

Write a detailed, exciting description. Remember, Google My Business is the first place most customers look for information. Include your target market’s keywords. Also, write a brief description of the services that you offer. An excellent way to get customers’ attention is to mention how your business complies with health standards and other sanitary measures. The 750-character description is not as important as the title, but it can help boost your listings on Google.

750-character photo

Optimizing your Google My Business listing requires an appropriate combination of photos and keywords to draw in potential customers. While a description can be 750 characters long, only 250 characters will be displayed before users click the “more” link. To attract visitors to your listing, add photos or videos to entice them with compelling content. A 750-character image should be no less than 720 pixels wide and tall.

In addition to a 750-character photo, use user-defined attributes. User-defined attributes are crowd-sourced, which are provided by users who have visited your listing. This means that your business can’t control the content of these descriptions, but it can influence the ranking. A high-quality photo will attract more potential customers and increase your brand’s credibility. For example, if you add a photo, your listing will receive 42% more requests for driving directions and 35% more website clicks.


You can use geotags to increase visibility on Google. By adding location metadata to your photos, Google can associate them with your business location. When people use location-based search terms, your photos will appear in SERPs. Using geotags will make your images more likely to be seen.

First, geo-tag your photos. Google My Business listings with photos receive 42% more driving directions and 35% more hits than those without photos. It’s also essential to geo-tag images to tell Google where you are and give positive signals that your business is authentic and located in a specific area. Another way to improve your listing is to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews will help your business in local search and organic SEO.

750-character alt text

Using image alt text to boost SEO is a great way to make your Google My Business listing visible. Make sure only to include information that users can see. Avoid using extraneous phrases that are unnecessary and wordy. Also, use your primary keyword along with related keywords and tangential ones. Reading your alt text aloud is an easy way to spot keyword stuffing. The key is to create a clear, concise, and informative image description.

Your GMB listing description is limited to 750 characters. It should convey the message of your business, including your main products or services and any unique value propositions. Adding a photo to your listing requires more than just a professionally-taken image. It should also be optimized for SEO. Google’s search engine crawlers look for relevant text in snippets, so a well-written, SEO-optimized image can help boost your business listing.

750-character caption

The 750-character caption on your Google My Business listing is the first chance for potential customers to learn about your company. Follow Google’s guidelines when writing a caption and make every word count. Also, keeping in mind that your caption appears first on search engine results pages, you should be sure to highlight your USPs. This will increase your visibility in local SERPs. First, make sure your Google My Business listing is complete and accurate. While your listing may already be listed on Google, it will be filled with information submitted by customers. You should avoid including incorrect information in your listing, as it can affect your business’s success. After all, Google will keep updating this information as much as possible, so you want it to be accurate and complete. Make sure you claim your profile to control the data.

Book an appointment button

Adding a book an appointment button to your Google My Business listing is a simple and easy way to boost your online visibility. It can increase your overall traffic and generate additional inquiries. Baker Labs has conducted a 90-day study to see whether or not an appointment link increases the number of appointments and overall conversions. By following these steps, you should see the results almost immediately. To get started, sign in to your Google My Business account. Next, select the business and location you want to customize. Finally, select the URL for your appointment button. It should take effect almost immediately.

After you click on a Google search result, visitors may want to make an appointment with your business. But if the process is too complicated, they may not book an appointment. Furthermore, if they are unsure about how to book an appointment, they may click on a competitor’s booking link and lose interest in your business. Therefore, you should track your engagement with the booking button to prevent this problem. This way, you can improve your booking process.