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La Liga Is the First Soccer League to Offer NFTs of Players

With the increasing popularity of NFTs, La Liga, Spain‘s elite soccer league, made an interesting announcement. The league is set to offer NFTs of all its players to the fans. The announcement is very interesting, especially for the fans who love to collect such digital assets. To make it possible, La Liga has partnered with a French organization Sorare. Sorare is a platform that offers a platform to store digital soccer collectibles.

What is Spain La French Sorare Europeancrawleycoindesk ?

The platform will also allow the fans to play fantasy tournaments with the NFTs, which will represent the players from the league. As per the information available, all the players from 20 major clubs participating in European La Liga will be available on the platform. These clubs would include Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. All these clubs have a huge fan following, so you can expect huge traffic on the NFT games.

Spain La French Sorare Europeancrawleycoindesk

This is a first-of-its-kind collaboration where the top soccer league has made such an announcement. According to Jamie Crawley’s article, Sorare is planning to collaborate with 20 leagues worldwide before the end of this year. This will create a new domain of collectibles for the fan, and the market will be huge.

Currently, most of the individual teams have NFTs for their team, but this move will make the market more accessible. Fans of various teams will be able to collect and play with NFTs. The platform will also be able to build a team using the NFTs of the player, and the users will be able to earn prices based on the real-life performance of these football players. So Spain La French Sorare Europeancrawleycoindesk means La Liga Becomes First Top Soccer League to Offer NFTs of All Players .

As per the same source, it was also revealed that Sorare would receive funding of $532 million, which will take the value of the platform to $3.8 billion.