Roadside Assistance Dallas Complete Guide


Roadside Assistance Dallas is a roadside insurance provider in the United States. The scope of the service of Roadside Assistance Dallas is nationwide. They can be of great help if you are stuck because of an accident, engine malfunction or vehicle breakdown. The technicians at Roadside Assistance Dallas are very proficient, and they can help you unblock your way quickly. They can fix 80% of the issues on the road, but for some serious problems, your vehicle needs to be towed to the workshop. Roadside Assistance Dallas also provides you with towing assistance.

Roadside Assistance Dallas

Services Offered by Roadside Assistance Dallas

Roadside Assistance Dallas provides towing facilities for cars and medium-weight vehicles. They can arrange a tow dolly or flatbed as per your needs. Even if you have long-distance towing needs, Roadside Assistance Dallas can take care of the same. In the emergency roadside service, you get all facilities like repairing or replacing the flat tire, battery charging/replacement or battery jump-start and gas refuelling. We have listed other additional services below.

  • Emergency roadside service in case of breakdown
  • Emergency towing service for serious issues
  • Towing service in case of an accident, flooding or a collision
  • Wrecker services to take the car to a workshop in case of an accident
  • Car lockout services for lost or locked keys
  • Motorcycle towing and service support

Roadside Assistance Dallas Contact Number 

If you need to reach out to Roadside Assistance Dallas, you can dial 469 480 7805. They will ask some questions, and they will validate your location. Once you provide them with the location, they will explain some of the charges at a high level. After that, the help will arrive in no time and help you escape the trouble. The services are available 24×7, and they try to reach you within 30 minutes. The time also depends on external factors like the traffic and the support required. Their official website is