Important things to be aware of before you book your next private charter flight


Traveling using a private jet charter is a critical resource for a segment of people who prefer to keep their lives private and security in check, and their time is invaluable. If you believe that traveling using a private charter jet is the only realistic option for you and you do not love all the hassles that come when traveling using commercial planes, it is important that you have a guide on the things that are crucial when you want to book for a private jet flight.

As long as you know what you want, arranging for your private charter flight will be a pleasant and fun experience. Here is a checklist from on important questions to ask before booking a private flight.

Who owns the aircraft?

You do not have to know where the craft owner comes from or what they prefer in life, but it is crucial that you know that a legitimate source owns their aircraft.

Sometimes some craft is owned by individuals, but they are put under a management company. Ensure that the management company has the necessary documentation certificates of operating the aircraft and that the company’s name matches the name found on the certificate.

Is the aircraft insured?

This is a question that looks like nobody can ever overlook. But, if you forget to check if the aircraft is insured, you could have many challenges when something goes wrong, and the aircraft did not have all the required insurance cover.

If the operator has insurance for the aircraft, ask for the certificate and ensure that the registration numbers match the craft you will be booking from their fleet.

Does the aircraft have any history of accidents?

You need to find out if the aircraft has been involved in an accident before. Many a time, incidents will occur which are unavoidable. But, in some cases, incidents may indicate that the aircraft is unsafe or the operator is not following all the precautions to avoid accidents. You can find out from the National Transport Safety Board about all the aircraft accident reports which have been reported and know which ones to choose and which ones to avoid.

Is the private jet listed under the operator’s control?

All the aircraft operating for charter purposes should be listed under the operator’s control by the FAA. You can request the D-085, find out about the aircraft tail number, and find out if they are legit.

Have you visited the FAA website?

Check out the official FAA website for the aircraft tail number. If it is registered, it will show you all the detailed information about the craft, such as aircraft type, manufacture date, and the registered owner.

Are they operating internationally?

Paramount business jets do organize flights across the globe. But most of them operate in the US alone. If you are planning to fly at an international level, ensure that the operator you choose has experience. This is crucial because a flight entering or exiting the United States needs to follow all the international and customs laws. You need to check all these details to avoid trouble during your travels.