What are the Important Features of Motor Insurance App?


What are the Important Features of Motor Insurance App?

Remember the feeling you had when you saw how shiny and sleek your new vehicle was. Surely, you wanted to make sure that your vehicle looks the same always. For the same reason, you bought motor insurance. Knowing that motor insurance allows you to cover various types of damages to your vehicle, buying a policy was a decision that didn’t need a lot of thinking. However, anyone would want the best version of anything that holds such importance. Hence, you would always be on the lookout for a better service or a better option when it comes to motor insurance. 

However, better coverage or better service may cost you a higher amount of money. The question then becomes of how to get a better insurance package without spending a lot of money. The answer to that question is having a motor insurance app. With more and more insurance providers offering insurance apps, they are becoming the next stage in the evolution of insurance. However, no product is worth having if it does not have great features. Hence, here are the important features of motor insurance apps:


  • Convenience 

You may have heard the fact that being there means a lot. This applies to motor insurance as well. The worst thing that any insurance provider can do is to be not available when a policyholder is in need of assistance. Hence, if you are in need of assistance or need to make a claim, you shouldn’t have to wait for the insurance provider to respond to your request at a later time. A motor insurance app eliminates the time barrier between you and your insurance provider. 

Anything related to your insurance that you need to do, you can do it through the app. Your concern is the query is met with the right assistance. Unlike connecting through calls or emails, the app puts no constraint on when you can approach your insurer. 


  • Instant claims processing

The normal way of making claims is to submit a request with your insurance provider and then. Then, you’d have to wait for your insurance provider to respond to you. Depending on the urgency of your issue and the insurance provider’s processes, you may have to wait for quite a while simply to officially submit your claim. Considering that your vehicle is your means of transport on a daily basis, every hour that is spent without the claims being submitted means that you would have to find alternative means of travel.  

Through an app, you can submit your claim with the push of a button. You have simply log in to the app, provide your policy details, details of the accident, and submit your claim. The moment you submit a claim, the process of accepting your claim will begin. 


  • Roadside assistance

Accidents are always sudden and can happen at anytime and anyplace. In the case that another car bumps into your or you lose control over your vehicle due to slippery roads, the first things that comes to mind is self-preservation.  Hence, when you have made sure that you haven’t received any physical harm from the accident, the best thing to do is to is get to a safe location. Now, even if your vehicle is capable of driving, it is not safe to travel in a damaged car or a bike. 

A motor insurance app allows you to get roadside assistance immediately. This way, you can get your car towed to a location that you can park at until it needs to go for repairs. 


  • Self-inspection

In a car insurance claim, one of the most vital parts of the processing is the car inspection. In this inspection, the insurance provider looks at the damage to your car, determines if it worth approving the claim and then proceeds with the next step of the process. In the case of regular insurance claims, an authorized official will come to your house and look at your car, inquire you about what caused the damage and then submit his/her report to the insurance company. Then, it takes time for the report to be processed and the claim to be approved. 

Instead, you can use a motor insurance app to self-inspect your car. All you have to do is connect to your insurance provider and shoot pictures and videos of the car damage as the provider instructs you. Upload these videos to the app and the inspection will be completed instantly.