How to Start a Talent Agency Business ?


The entertainment industry and the talent pool have been around for quite some time. Business has also been present and growing around this industry particularly talent agencies and talent handling and management. Contrary to people’s beliefs talent agencies are not only found in L.A. or Hollywood. You might find one in your locality, those that handle local talents; there would always be space for you to get started on this business.

How to Start a Talent Agency Business ?

Many raw and new talents in your locality need someone to expose them, book them to ‘gigs’ and shows, and you will be their stepping stone to success. You will arrange for them to go out in shows depending on their talent. They would inn turn earn money and you as their talent agent would be earning a percentage for helping them get the show.

What You Need To Be A Talent Agent

Starting out in this business you would need a phone and a computer. Getting connected with your locality would be one of the best ways to get your business rolling. Start out by deciding your directional focus for your business. Decide whether you’re going to start out your own agency within your locality or join a bigger agency for a job and learn the tricks of the industry, later on branching out after gaining valuable experience.

Taking in your first talents would be crucial in your business. Try acquiring singers, bands and a group of dancers. These are one of the easiest talents to acquire and book shows for. But don’t limit your talent pool to these kinds of performers, a wide range of talents could also join your agency and still yield profit for you. Examples of these are magicians and illusionists which are great for birthday parties for kids, Stand-up comedians who are also great for bars and restaurants.

The first step would be acquiring your talents. Look out for local talents that are still not very popular but have the potentials. Research and discover, be very careful and know these talents well. Contact them and try to negotiate and be their talent agents. Negotiate the percentage you would receive in booking them shows and ‘gigs’. Be on the look out for events and shows that your talents may fit and can put up a show.

Growing Your Talent Agency Business Over Time

If you have established you’re self as a talent agent, widen your network and look for more prospective talents. Having a bigger network of talents and event organizers would be an advantage and help you book your talents to more shows. Knowing what the happenings and latest events around your locality would boost your business and simply give your more chances to get a show for a talent.

Remember that permits for this kind of business is also needed so that you can operate, don’t forget to apply for these permits. Ask you’re local labor and employment agencies for these requirements and how you could meet them.

Remember to market your business well. Make a portfolio for successful talents and shows that they have appeared on, this way you could entice and encourage organizers to book your talents for their shows. A portfolio would also attract talents waiting to be discovered. Putting up a website would be recommended so more people could view and access your business.