How to Start a Cell Phone Recycling Business ?


Starting A Cell Phone Recycling Business With an estimated 130 million cell phones retired annually, and only 1% of those being recycled, people have started creating incentives and even laws to encourage people to recycle their cell phones. For instance, in California and New York, cell phone retailers are required to accept all old and/or obsolete cell phones, regardless of the phone’s condition. Growing cell phone usage and turnover, as well as “green laws” restricting the disposal of electronic waste, are driving the cell phone recycling market, he said. U.S. consumers replace their phones every 18 months, on average, he added.

How to Start a Cell Phone Recycling Business ?

If you’re hoping to raise a little money for yourself recycling your cell phone or starting a cell phone recycling drive is a great option. The latest technology, which seems to change every few months, is perpetually rendering “older” cell phones obsolete. And a cell phone doesn’t even have to be that old; the average life of a cell phone is 18 months. That means that there are millions of old cell phones cluttering up drawers, collecting dust in boxes in the garage, and, worst of all, being dumped in land fills.

What You Need To Be A Cell Phone Recycler

The best way to start is to collect cell phones from friends and relatives, as we all would agree most of us have cell phones but only use them in a span or on the average about 18 months then we consider the obsolete and would oft to buy a new and better models. Some have problems and would need repairs but buying a new model is an easier answer. So start collecting old, damaged and broken cell phones that are collecting dust in their drawers.

Telling them that you would want to start up a new business in buying old and broken phones would help you in getting the ball rolling for your new cell phone recycling business. A drive would be very helpful, setting up drop boxes in your garage, or by just giving out your number and address where they could send their used phones. Always check the internet and see how much they buy used phone and for specific models. Buy phones for less and then earn some profit by selling them to companies that buy these models.

Growing Your Cell Phone Recycling Business Over Time

Start A Cell Phone Recycling Business Today Advertise your service and reach out to more people.  Spread the word so more people would go to you and sell their cell phones. Offer a service wherein they could request for a free shipping envelope for their cell phones to be sent back to you. Start putting up a website so people would have an easier time reaching you. Have detailed information about models and how much you buy certain models.

Research companies that buy cell phones for good prices so you could sell the cell phones you also ought from other people. Make sure their prices would earn you profit. Don’t stop learning, research about cell phones and different models, even companies that sell these phones would provide pertinent  information about the products they promote and sell. Knowledge of this market only makes you a better business man/woman