How to Start a A Transcription Business ?


There has been a huge new demand for independent, home-based transcription services which is mainly due to the Internet. Professionals and a large variety of business people are looking for private transcriptions who can process their audio and videotape jobs on a recurring basis. A transcriptionist is a person who can type word for word from a tape or digital file.

How to Start a A Transcription Business ?

This demand presents a remarkable opportunity for people who want to work for themselves in a home-based business. If you want a career that gives you flexible hours, where you can be your own boss, work from the comfort of your own home and earn $25.00 to $35.00 an hour, then your should consider starting your own Transcription business.

What You Need To Be A Transcriptionist

This new business venture calls for very little start up requirements or any special training courses in general transcription (you need courses in specific vocabulary terms for other types of transcribing work). There are excellent books available on how to start your own Transcription business which includes great information on how to start and maintain a booming and lucrative transcription business. Some local colleges offer online courses in transcription as well.

You should have a good typing speed, first-rate proofreading skills, be self-motivated, a good vocabulary and the capability to work under pressure. Other essential qualities needed are good judgment, the right equipment, organizational abilities and a positive approach.

You only need a computer and dictaphone or transcriber (a special tape player) for equipment. The dictaphone comes with a foot pedal and a headset which is used to listen to taped recordings. To transcribe digitally recorded dictation a wav pedal and associated software are used.

It is very important to have a professional website to represent your home-based business. Your prospective clients will get their first impression of you from your website and they will decide whether to hire you for the job or not. Your website will be used in marketing your business and send clients your way. If you are not familiar with creating a website, it will be a good investment on your part to hire a qualified person to create this website.

Start A Transcription Business Growing Your Transcription Business Over Time

Once you have purchased your equipment and set up your home office, you are on your way to having your own business. The need for general transcriptions is excellent and this allows you take on a variety of different clients. But you may want to branch out and try legal or medical transcription. This will require that you take courses in the terminology used in these two fields. You many decide to stick with general transcribing but specialize in a certain field such as real estate, insurance or advertising.

With hard word and dedication you can make a secure income transcribing general, law enforcement, legal and/or medical documents from home. It is your decision on the amount of money your will earn by amount of hours you are willing to dedicate to your work, your advertising methods and the dedication to making your business enterprise a thriving accomplishment.