How To Refuse Amazon Delivery And What Happens When I Cancel An Order When It Is Out For Delivery


See, we get it, sometimes you have ordered a product in excitement and then you realize that you don’t need that product, or it could be that someone in your family placed the order without you knowing it, and that happens a lot. So what possibly you can do in this kinda situation? Well, that’s what Amazon provides the cancellation feature or option for, you know? But, if you don’t know how to proceed with that, then simply keep on reading because here we will be going over just that. We will be talking about Amazon’s cancellation policy, what are the ways you can cancel the order and get your money back. Alright, here we go now.

How to Refuse Amazon Delivery?

Before you know about how to refuse Amazon delivery, you should understand Amazon’s cancellation policy.

What Is Amazon’s Cancellation Policy?

So, you wanna know about Amazon’s cancellation policy, right? Well, it’s pretty user-friendly, but there are a few things you’ve gotta keep in mind. If you haven’t hit the ‘ship it’ button on your order, canceling it is like super easy. Just hop onto your Amazon account, and you’re good to go. This is the deal for stuff that’s both stored and sent out by Amazon. But, here’s the catch though: if your item’s coming from a third-party seller, you might have just one business day to make up your mind. And remember, once your order’s on its way to being packed, you’ll need the seller to give you the thumbs up to cancel.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Order After It’s On Its Way

So, you’ve hit the ‘Order or Buy Now’ button on Amazon, but now you wanna back out, even though your stuff’s already shipped? No sweat, it’s totally doable if you’re quick on your feet and know what to do.

  • Here’s the lowdown: speed is key here. The moment you figure you don’t want that thing anymore, you gotta dive into your Amazon account. This step is super important because once your order is zooming towards you for delivery, your chances to ditch or cancel it start shrinking big time.
  • Once you’re in your account, click on the ‘Your Orders’ option. That’s where you’ll find everything you’ve bought recently or in the past. Hunt down the order you’re having second thoughts about. Amazon’s pretty user-friendly, so spotting your order should be a breeze. When you’ve got your order in sight, keep your eyes peeled for a button or link that says ‘Cancel items’.
  • Clicking on ‘Cancel items’ is Amazon’s cue to check if they can put the brakes on your order. What happens now is, Amazon will connect with the delivery folks to try and stop your package in its tracks. Whether they can pull this off depends a lot on how far your order’s gotten on its journey to you. If you’ve been quick about it, chances are you’ll be able to wave goodbye to that order.
  • After you’ve asked Amazon to cancel your order, all you’ve gotta do is sit tight and wait for them to hit you up with an update. They’ll usually drop you an email to let you know if you’ve managed to dodge the order. If you’re in luck and the cancellation’s gone through, Amazon’s next move is to sort out your refund. They’ll stick to their usual refund rules, which means you’ll see the cash you spent back in your pocket before you know it.

Refusing an Amazon Delivery

Ever found yourself in a spot where you’ve missed the cut-off time to cancel an order, and now it’s already zooming its way to you? No worries, you can still refuse the delivery. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to do:

  • You gotta wait until they try to drop off the package the first time. You can’t just refuse it online before they’ve knocked on your door.
  • If you’re home when the delivery happens, just let the delivery person know that you’re turning down the package.
  • After you refuse it, the package heads back to Amazon, and guess what? You’re in line for getting your cash back.
  • Just a heads up, this whole thing works super smooth with stuff that’s coming straight from Amazon. But if you bought something from another seller on their platform, the rules might be a bit different, you know?

Extra Tips You Gotta Know

First up, acting fast is super important. The chance to cancel an order or refuse a delivery doesn’t stick around for long, so you gotta be quick. The moment you realize that you don’t want or need that item anymore, jump right into canceling it or get ready to turn away the delivery guy. Doing this ASAP means you’ve got a better shot at canceling successfully and avoids the hassle of returning stuff that’s already on its way, you know?

And yeah, while Amazon does its own thing, third party sellers can have their own set of rules for cancellations and returns. This could mean different time limits, how you get your money back, and the state the item needs to be in when you send it back. Before you hit that ‘buy now’ button, it’s a smart move to check out the seller’s rules. Knowing this stuff is a real lifesaver if you end up needing to cancel or refuse an order, so you don’t get any nasty surprises later. And yeah, lastly, don’t forget about Amazon’s customer service. A lot of folks don’t use it as much as they should. Amazon’s support team is there to help with all sorts of problems, including when you wanna cancel an order or refuse a delivery. Stuck in a tricky spot or got questions about your order? Give them a shout. They’ll walk you through Amazon’s policies, sort out your specific issues, and sometimes they can even speed things up for you.


That’s pretty much it. So, have you read the entire thing? If yes, then what are you waiting for, go ahead, and give this cancellation thing a try. If it doesn’t work, still, you have the option to refuse the package at your doorstep, right?