How to Make Money with Google Adsense ?


Google AdSense is a Pay Per Click affiliate program which tens of thousands of webmasters use to make money from their websites and blogs. AdSense is the program which allows you to place Google Advertisements onto your website or blog, and each time one of your visitors clicks those ads, you make money into your Google AdSense account. Once you’ve earned at least $100 in clicks, Google will send you a check the following month.

How to Make Money with Google Adsense ?

Making money with AdSense is fairly simple, but it’s not always very easy. In most cases, in order to earn a lot of money from AdSense, you have to generate a lot of traffic to your websites and blogs, because sometimes you are only paid a few cents each time someone clicks an ad. There are a few topics however, which will let you earn $1 or sometimes even as much as $10, each time someone clicks an ad on your site, but these are becoming less common each year.

What You Need To Be A Google Adsense Publisher

The first thing you need to do is navigate to and either apply or log in with your existing account and password. What follows is a page presenting the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions which you must agree to in order to proceed. Customize what you need and what you want for your website and your all set to go.

Taking in to consideration that look of your website would drastically affect how much you can earn with Adsense. Lay-out and the color schemes of the websites have an effect on the number of clicks your ads would receive. Placing your ads on top and near the menu bar and blending its colors with the background would make it look more like a part of the navigation system and encourage more clicks.

There are several ways to make money with AdSense, and they all tend to revolve around creating content on a website. The most popular way is to set up a free blog, and then put the AdSense code on that blog. Then you simply make one or more blog posts every day, and generate traffic to that site. Over time as your traffic grows, some of those visitors will click your ads and you’ll make money.

Growing Your Google Adsense Business Over Time

Make Money with Google AdsenseNow its time to focus on some techniques on improving the quality of your website and your ads to earn more income from it, here are some tips that you can focus on:

As mentioned above its advisable to place your Google Adsense advertisements on the top of your page. When people visit your website, they will put their attention on the information that is displayed at the top of the page. Therefore, you will want people to see your Google Adsense advertisements so that there will be possibilities of a click through. Generate lots of traffic to your website. With little traffic, there will not be many people viewing your Google Adsense advertisement, which will result in low click through rate. According to surveys and research, Google Adsense advertisements without borders will generate more clicks through when compared with advertisements with borders.