How to Make Money Playing Video Games


Playing video games can actually earn you money. But even before you see some bucks pouring in effort still has to be involved, not to mention the hours spend playing the games depending on what market you need to cater to.

There are three ways that you can make money through playing video games: first is through MMOG (massively multiplayer on line games) being in a MMOG and setting up a business would mean you either go into marketing in-game items or you give a power-leveling service. Secondly you can make money by playing and winning video games competition. And finally you can become a video games tester.

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

What You Need To Make Money Playing Video Games

The very first thing you’ll need to do is choose a game. Ideally, this will be a game that you’re already familiar with, but if you’re not familiar with any, then you’ll find that some lend themselves better to your purposes than others. There are literally millions of people playing massively multiplayer online games, and their numbers are still increasing. Some people in the game would actually pay real money for in game things such as weapons, spells, etc. and even in-game currencies.

Being a video game tester is usually more steady way of making money playing video games. Usually you would look for a video game company and test certain video games before they are released. The good side of a video game tester is that the in come would be far more stable than the other methods here. Also the income could be a bit larger then other methods. Being a video games tester may generate relatively high income, and ca be very consistent work.

The third method of making money in playing video games would be the trickiest one. Playing against other gamers in competitions is the hardest market to break open. However mastery of certain games could give you a chance to surpass other player sin skill and a chance to win incredible prizes and have your name known across the gaming globe. Video games competitions are incredibly competitive. Any serious competitor must train day after day, honing their skills with tireless practice. The third method is a very hard way to make money, being continually tested by best players in the world in the world in major games that you choose.

Growing Your Video Game Playing Business Over Time

Start Making Money Playing Video GamesIf spending loads of time on MMOG is what interests you and is comfortable with you then I suggest you could grow by working with a company that do exactly what you do which is play MMOG’s and earn from a virtual market. One company, Internet Gaming Entertainment or IGE, has more than 100 full-time employees in Hong Kong and the United States who do nothing but process its customers’ hundreds of thousands of annual orders for virtual goods, the lion’s share of which average nearly a hundred dollars each.

In game testing industry, if you have established yourself as a tester you would now be in better shape to apply to bigger company, big-names that are now in need of more testers for their multi-million dollar games before it is released. Showing off credentials of your previous bookings for game testing would be a favour at your side.

If you think your skills and mastery of a game is already beyond mediocre and ordinary, its time to find bigger competitions and start going on an international level. The internet has an abundance of websites ready to cater players who believe their skills are already above amateur level.