How to Make Money By Starting Home Based Secretarial Services Business


This is the new and modern approach to handling paperwork for a business that’s already hands full in taking care of other responsibilities. You can take the opportunity to make money by helping these businesses take a load off their shoulders and do their secretarial work for them. This kind of business has unlimited income potential as long as you want to do the tasks, it the new idea for the traditional job that’s really growing with popularity and worldwide acceptance.

How to Make Money By Starting Home Based Secretarial Services Business

As for the future, there’s no end in sight to the many and varied kinds of work a secretary working at home can do for business owners, managers and sales representatives. Various surveys indicate that by the year 2,000 – at least 60 percent of all the secretarial work, as we know it today, will be handled by secretaries working at home.

What You Need For A Secretarial Service

The best way to start in this kind of business is getting yourself a computer with internet connection, laser printer and a telephone. This way it’s easier to contact clients and work faster with the help of computer programs. But a cheaper alternative would be having an electronic typewriter and a phone. Word processing programs would be very useful for faster completion of secretarial tasks. The internet would provide you a very vast source of information to help you in any difficulties you might encounter. It also provides communication through e-mail, which also makes file transfers more convenient.

Knowing basic typing and secretarial skills would be very useful and would eventually widen the scope of tasks that you could accomplish, thus also giving you more versatility so clients would prefer you over other secretaries for your broader knowledge and skills. Having skills in typing, bookkeeping and advertising are a few of the most common skills needed to take on a secretarial job. When you’re all set up, its time to start advertising your services, start out by calling friends and former colleagues and simply explain the new service you would like to provide. This is the best and easiest way to advertise your service, spread it by word of mouth.

Growing Your Secretarial Services Business Over Time

After taking some secretarial tasks, never be too comfortable of your situation. Make your service grow by offering better services and more task capabilities. Never put off the chance to learn more skills, consider it a n investment to your business, learning more is offering more to the clients and in turn would pay better. You’re selling your capabilities and talents and charging for the time you spend finishing their tasks. Always keep promises, when taking secretarial tasks asses the work and give yourself some allowance and finish the job as promised.

Make your business bigger by acquiring friends who you know have some skills to help your business. Look for people who have day jobs but still need to earn more money. Even housewives, who have so much time could help you get your business bigger, explain the nature of your work and the equipment needed to get them started. So best way is to pay them what the client pays you and just taking a little percentage for giving them the task and acquiring the work for them. This way you could better accommodate more clients, earn with what you work on and still earn a bit from everyone who gets clients from you.