Equipment Every Bakery Needs


When you run a bakery, you work very long hours and are often on your feet for long periods. Because you work so hard, you should have tools that help ease your burden. After all, you want to work smarter, not harder. Don’t worry if you’re sure which tools you should buy. Here are the things no bakery should ever be without.

High-Powered Blenders

Whether you’re making smoothies, crepes, or specialty flours, you need something that can handle the heavy workload. You could potentially make the crepe batter by hand, but you would likely find that it wasn’t as smooth as creamy as it would be with a blender.

If you sell your own cake, cookie, or brownie mixes, save yourself some time by investing in ribbon blenders. It’s a large piece of machinery that you place all of your ingredients into, and then the blades chop through them, mixing them much faster and better than you can by hand.

Convection Ovens

When you’re baking, you want your items to come out of the oven with a beautiful, evenly browned exterior but have a moist, soft crumb on the inside. That can be hard to achieve in a conventional oven. You likely find that you have to rotate the pans partway through the cooking process to avoid them baking unevenly. However, when you are doing other things, you don’t have the time to track when you need to rotate the pans.

Instead, purchase a convection oven. It uses a fan that evenly circulates the heat in the oven, so everything bakes the same. They’re also beneficial to have because they are typically more energy-efficient than a traditional oven and can usually be used at lower temperatures.

Sheet Pan Racks

Baking pan after pan of cupcakes and cookies can mean that you quickly run out of counter space when things are cooling down. Instead of relying on your counters for the cooling process, invest in sheet pan racks. They typically come with around 20 slots to hold pans. They are on wheels, so you can push them into a walk-in fridge if you need to or wheel them around the kitchen to place them where you need your product.


Making bread or cookies by hand is time-consuming and can be cut in more than half when using a mixer. Kneading bread dough by hand could take as long as 15 minutes, where a strong mixer can do it in 5. Additionally, most commercial mixers have large capacity bowls that can easily handle 4 or 5 times the amount of mix that a regular mixing bowl could.