Why an E1 Visa is a Great Investment Choice for International Traders


Trading internationally with the United States provides many benefits that can enhance a financial portfolio. However, it is essential to understand the E1 visa and how it can benefit international traders. And it is also critical to know how to apply and qualify for these visas to ensure things go well.

Why an E1 Visa is a Great Investment Choice for International Traders

How an E1 Visa Benefits International Traders

An E1 visa benefits traders by allowing you to move back and forth between different countries temporarily, allowing you to:

  • Track the progress of your goods
  • Ensure delivery is on time
  • Set up deals with other businesses
  • Make new connections

Applying for and receiving one of these visas is also relatively easy, though it can be challenging if you are located outside the United States.

Qualifying for E1 Visas

E1 classification is something that not just anybody can receive. There are a handful of qualifications that you must meet. These include being a national of a country that has a trade pact with the US. You must also have trades between the US and that country and having substantial trade qualifications.

Substantial trade qualifications refer to having a continuous flow of sizable trade items over some time. Making a single trade is not enough to qualify – in other words, you must have a sustainable business that will continue to trade with the United States for an extended period.

Finding an Application

If you live outside of the United States and aren’t sure where to get a form to apply for an E1 visa, there are many options that you can consider. First of all, you need to understand that you cannot request one of these items on the Form I-129 if you are outside of the US but must contact the state department.

Reach out to these individuals via email or telephone and discuss your potential business ventures. Make sure that you are from a country with a trade treaty with the United States – most countries in the world do, but a few do not, so make sure that you are careful when researching this idea.

Reach Out to Get Help

If you need E1 visa Los Angeles help and aren’t sure where to begin, it’s a good idea to reach out to professionals who fully understand this process. These experts not only understand the legal complications that may occur but can also provide expert guidance for financial help, as well.