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Joseph Delong Resigns After Major Controversies

Over the last few weeks, there were several reports around the internal fights between Joseph Delong, CTO of Sushi. The token price has been falling steeply amid all these rumors, and as per the latest information, the CTO has resigned. The news came on Wednesday, revealing that the CTO had left the company with immediate effect.

What is CTO Joseph Delongthurmancoindesk ?

Sushi is at 13th rank in terms of total value locked in the decentralized finance industry. The value of Sushi is estimated to be $6.25 billion. The price of the tokens fell by as much as 51.2%, stabilizing at %5.95. As per an article from Andrew Thurman, the main reason for the fall was the internal friction between the teams.

CTO Joseph Delongthurmancoindesk

In one of the Twitter posts, CTO Joseph Delong mentioned that organizations should install C-Suite from the DAO. The purpose of these tools should be to effectively manage the teams. You must also be aware of the self-proclaimed leaders in the core team. Delong is a prominent personality in Ethereum and Web3 space. He has worked with some huge organizations and led many companies for their fundraisers. Delong is known to be very outspoken, and this tweet is no surprise to them.

In other news, Sushi is planning to raise Trident, which is a major upgrade for the platform. This upgrade will provide automated market marker models. The primary products of Sushi have been Uniswap v2 which serves many major blockchains. The launch dates of Trident are not clear yet, and it seems to have been delayed after Joseph Delong’s departure. so CTO Joseph Delongthurmancoindesk means Sushi CTO Joseph Delong Resigns After Reports of Project Infighting .

When CoinDesk reached out to Joseph Delong for a comment, he just said, “Long Live Sushi.” Let us now see who takes over the role of CTO at Sushi and how the future of Sushi turns out to be.