Avis Roadside Assistance Complete Details


Avis is a car rental company, and it is pretty popular across the globe. You will find the presence of Avis across the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and many other regions. Like other vehicles, you can also land in an emergency with your Avis car. The basic rule is to get roadside assistance to deal with emergencies on the road. When booking an Avis rental vehicle, do ensure that you add extended roadside assistance to have complete peace of mind while travelling. Today, we are going to share more information about Avis roadside assistance.

Avis Roadside Assistance

More Information on Avis Roadside Assistance

Avis roadside assistance will take care of the breakdown irrespective of having an active Avis roadside assistance. This is a part of the package, but with Avis roadside assistance, you get some additional services. We have shared information about the additional coverage in the pointers below.

  • With Avis roadside assistance, you get lockout services if you lock the keys inside the car. They will arrange locksmith services or replacement keys in such a case.
  • You also get a flat tire replacement if you have a spare tire. Avis will tow your car to the nearest cent
  • re if the spare tire is unavailable.
  • Avis roadside assistance will also help you jump-start the vehicle in case of a battery failure.
  • If you run out of fuel, you will get the delivery of fuel at your location.

Getting Support

If you experience any emergency or challenge while driving the vehicle, you are requested to call Avis roadside assistance. They will help you deal with emergencies immediate. If you are in the United States or Canada, please call 1 800 354 2847. If you are in Australia, you are requested to call 1800 063 973. If you are in New Zealand, please call 0800 652 847. When you call Avis roadside assistance, please ensure that you share the issue details and your location with them.

The official website for Avis roadside assistance is – https://www.avis.com/en/offers/us-offers/extended-roadside-assistance.